Dr. G. Javier Cavazos, Jr. is pleased to introduce Cryoplantalis® (Foot Cryosurgery), a minimally-invasive procedure for the management of Chronic Heel Pain SyndromePlantar FasciitisAchilles Tendinitis, and Foot Neuromas.

In 2004, Dr. Cavazos became the first foot and ankle surgeon in Texas to perform cryosurgical techniques to the foot. Dr. Cavazos has developed multiple cryosurgical techniques for several foot and ankle ailments. Since 2004, Dr. Cavazos has become the MOST EXPERIENCED foot cryosurgeon in the United States, as he has logged over 2500 minimally invasive Cryosurgical procedures in the Foot. Dr. Cavazos is also recognized as a pioneer in cryosurgical techniques of the foot, as he published his research on this topic, in the esteemed medical journal "Foot and Ankle International". His researched has been cited in multiple medical journals and articles discussing Heel Pain(Spur) Syndrome. His article "Cryosurgery for The Treatment for Heel Pain" was recently cited in the Latest edition of Grey's Anatomy Textbook. In 2008. Dr. Cavazos was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal discussing his research on Cryosurgery for the treatment of Heel Pain.  Dr Cavazos has lectured on Cryotherapy (Cryoplantalis®) Procedures in the Foot and Ankle in the United States and Mexico.


Cryoplantalis® is a painless and safe in-office procedure utilizing controlled cooling temperatures to repair pathological tissue (sensory nerves that produce pain) via a cryoprobe. Cooling is accomplished via the expansion of highly pressurized and compressed nitrous oxide gas through a cryoprobe. Throughout history and with the advances in medicine, controlled cryotherapy has evolved from an anesthetic process to a cell regenerative treatment modality that has help revolutionize many medical specialties including Oncology (cancer), Urology, Pain Management, Opthamology, Dermatology, and Podiatry.

Learn More About Dr. Cavazos Research on the History and Science Behind Cryoplantalis® (Cryotherapy):
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Learn More About Cryoplantalis® in action:
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Why Do Patients Love CRYOPLANTALIS®?

Because this procedure...
  • Negates the Need For Expensive Pain Medications and its Side Effects
  • Allows Patients to Quickly Return to Work and Activities Affected by Chronic Foot Pain
  • Enables Patients to Wear the Fashionable Footwear and Athletic Shoes That They Prefer
  • Most Patients Are Back on Their Feet as Soon as the Procedure is Done
  • The Procedure is In-Office, Practically Painless, and Only takes 10 minutes
  • Minimal To No Down Time From Work or School
  • Patients get the MOST Qualified and Experienced Physician Providing Cryotherapy in the Foot
How Does This Minimally Invasive Procedure Work?
  • Cryoplantalis® Silences Inflamed and Over Active Nerves Involved In Chronic Foot Pain, Allowing Instant Relief
  • Repair Of Injured Nerve and Tendon Cells Occur  Through Our Bodies Natural Inflammatory Biological Processes That Are Simulated Through a Cryogenic Freezing Process
  • Precision and Optimal Results are Enhanced through Ultrasound Guided Visualization
  • Cryoplantalis® Precise Technique Was Designed by Dr. Cavazos and the Specifics are a Trade Secret Unknown to Anyone Else

What Kind Of Conditions Can Be Treated With CRYOPLANTALIS®?

  • Heel Pain Syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Spurs
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neuromas of the Foot
  • Achilles Tendonitis/Bursitis
  • Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Foot Tendinitis
  • Grade I Ankle Sprains
  • Plantar Fibroma Pain

Is The Procedure Really Only 10 Minutes?

YES! Application of the Cryoprobe and Cryotherapy is Extremely Fast Once the Procedure Begins. Most procedures Last Between 6-10 Minutes

A Consultation With Dr. Cavazos is Recommended to See if This Procedure is Right For You